Bella Reviews Silver Oaks Golf Course Burger

We went golfing one day and we go hungry. After hitting golf balls I waited while my dad finished up and I glanced at the menu and I saw “The Silver Oak Burger”. We were at the Silver Oaks Golf Course. When I tried it I was amazed a burger from a golf course could be. I thought it would be just a regular old burger but it wasn’t. So when I sunk my teeth into it it felt like a bomb of flavor except it didn’t have the little string that hangs out of the bomb. It had lettuce, pickle, tomatoes, and of course the patty. The pickles could have been a little crisper but the burger was perfect. Perfecto or however they say it in Spanish. The burger went perfectly with this cut retro place. Kind of like Joe’s but different. It made me feel comfortable like you know how a sometimes a setting effects the way you eat? But the setting didn’t affect the way I ate. You can relax, play sports, and after the game relax again and eat some lunch. I don’t know if they serve dinner there or not.

p.s. Remember this was at Silver Oaks Golf Course.

P.s.s. Just remember the cheese is optional so if they forget to ask just say that I heard that the cheese was optional.

– Bella

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