Joe’s Diner – Virginia and Neal – Reno

(Bruce) Ok. Here we go….But first excuse me… Yaaaaawwwwn….Ok that’s better. Now what were we talking about? Oh yea…Joe’s Diner cheese burger. Life is short and I am fairly certain I can’t get the 28 minutes I spent at Joe’s back again. The Diner is super cute and retro with loads of cool memorabilia. But that is not what we are here to review. We review one thing; and only one thing: The American cheese burger. A moment of silence please to reflect on how grateful we are. My overall impression was lukewarm. Here is the problem about this unmemorable burger. The best part of the burger was the pickle. Crisp and thinly sliced really very good. But sadly that is not enough to make me return. The minuses were more numerous: cheese (two kinds a plus) was not even melted – evidently put on to close to table time. The bun was a somewhat dull sesame seed deal and I just…..what was I talking about? What ever. Here are the numbers.

(Bella)  Dad your talking about a cheese burger.  If you just wanted to stop talking you could have just said that.  Overall the cheese burger was a really good cheese burger. Really.  And dad did you really just yawn or did you just want to make it a funny?

                                       Bella’s Score                               Bruce Score

Metric Score (1-10)

Scrumptious                             9                                                 5

Meatiness                                 5                                                 5

Meat Factor                            10                                                5

Lettuce Factor                        6                                                  9

Tomato Factor                       10                                                8

Pickle Factor                          10                                               10

Onion Factor                          9                                                  8

Cheese Factor                        5                                                  5

Bun Factor                             10                                                5

Temperature                         5                                                  5

Total                                       79                                                65

Sleaze Factor                        6                                                  6

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