Jack’s On The Tracks

Let me say this…Jack’s Cheese Burger….. absolutely world class. As close to perfection as any I have had with the possible one exception of the Awful Awful at Reno’s Little Nugget. Here is the deal about this amazing burger. Truckee California’s Jacks on the Tracks serves high class diner food in a semi-retro “Mel’s Place” atmosphere. We stopped in today principally because we had word that that Food Network Guy had dropped by in January and liked what he had (fish sandwich and the mac and cheese). The Burger Blog is a more focused forum however. We are only interested in the quality of the American cuisine constant; the cheese burger. There are ten factors considered when evaluating the overall quality of the American cheese burger. Each category gets a score from 1-10 making the (so far never awarded) perfect score 100 points. The “Scrumptious Factor” describes the overall visceral yumieness of the burger. This term can not be further defined. The “Sleaze Factor” is a composite factor that describes the bun grease, oil and cheese drippiness of the burger. The Sleaze Factor is and eleventh category and will always be reported separate from the overall score as tastes vary with regard to how much sleaze is actually a good thing in a cheese burger.


Scrumptious             9.4

Meatiness                 9.9

Meat Factor             9.7

Lettuce Factor         9.7

Tomato Factor         9.7

Pickle Factor            9.7

Onion Factor            9.5

Cheese Factor          9.6

Bun Factor               9.9

Temperature           9.8

Total                       96.9*

Sleaze Factor: 0

* this weeks burger blog was created without the input of bella

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