Get Out of Town

Check out this Heavy Burger

Want a huge burger??? Then go to Florida’s HEAVY BURGER. Yes you heard us right we are in Florida. We are visiting my grandpa. I decided I wanted a spectacular cheese burger. We did get a spectacular cheese burger. Heavy Burger is a little tent like place that makes a really juicy good burger with crisp pickles, and fresh tomatoes. At the end we got an incredible chocolate dessert. Before we had our burger we got a basket of chili fries with cheese on top. Me my dad and my grandpa thought they were incredible too. So we ended up cleaning up the basket of chili fries.
… Thanks Bella! Totally loved Heavy Burger!! It was a burger and chili fry extravaganza. Well worth going all the way to Miami. See the pic of the burger grandpa had. 10oz burger with fried onions served between two grilled cheese sandwiches!

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Bella Reviews Silver Oaks Golf Course Burger

We went golfing one day and we go hungry. After hitting golf balls I waited while my dad finished up and I glanced at the menu and I saw “The Silver Oak Burger”. We were at the Silver Oaks Golf Course. When I tried it I was amazed a burger from a golf course could be. I thought it would be just a regular old burger but it wasn’t. So when I sunk my teeth into it it felt like a bomb of flavor except it didn’t have the little string that hangs out of the bomb. It had lettuce, pickle, tomatoes, and of course the patty. The pickles could have been a little crisper but the burger was perfect. Perfecto or however they say it in Spanish. The burger went perfectly with this cut retro place. Kind of like Joe’s but different. It made me feel comfortable like you know how a sometimes a setting effects the way you eat? But the setting didn’t affect the way I ate. You can relax, play sports, and after the game relax again and eat some lunch. I don’t know if they serve dinner there or not.

p.s. Remember this was at Silver Oaks Golf Course.

P.s.s. Just remember the cheese is optional so if they forget to ask just say that I heard that the cheese was optional.

– Bella

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Joe’s Diner – Virginia and Neal – Reno

(Bruce) Ok. Here we go….But first excuse me… Yaaaaawwwwn….Ok that’s better. Now what were we talking about? Oh yea…Joe’s Diner cheese burger. Life is short and I am fairly certain I can’t get the 28 minutes I spent at Joe’s back again. The Diner is super cute and retro with loads of cool memorabilia. But that is not what we are here to review. We review one thing; and only one thing: The American cheese burger. A moment of silence please to reflect on how grateful we are. My overall impression was lukewarm. Here is the problem about this unmemorable burger. The best part of the burger was the pickle. Crisp and thinly sliced really very good. But sadly that is not enough to make me return. The minuses were more numerous: cheese (two kinds a plus) was not even melted – evidently put on to close to table time. The bun was a somewhat dull sesame seed deal and I just…..what was I talking about? What ever. Here are the numbers.

(Bella)  Dad your talking about a cheese burger.  If you just wanted to stop talking you could have just said that.  Overall the cheese burger was a really good cheese burger. Really.  And dad did you really just yawn or did you just want to make it a funny?

                                       Bella’s Score                               Bruce Score

Metric Score (1-10)

Scrumptious                             9                                                 5

Meatiness                                 5                                                 5

Meat Factor                            10                                                5

Lettuce Factor                        6                                                  9

Tomato Factor                       10                                                8

Pickle Factor                          10                                               10

Onion Factor                          9                                                  8

Cheese Factor                        5                                                  5

Bun Factor                             10                                                5

Temperature                         5                                                  5

Total                                       79                                                65

Sleaze Factor                        6                                                  6

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Comming soon: Road trip to Char Pit

Stay tuned. Stay calm. B-n-B will be taking a road trip to Tahoe’s Char-Pit this weekend. May try to flip cam the visit for the burgeratzi. I have heard good things about this place but also some concern that it “ain’t what it used to be”.

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Jack’s On The Tracks

Let me say this…Jack’s Cheese Burger….. absolutely world class. As close to perfection as any I have had with the possible one exception of the Awful Awful at Reno’s Little Nugget. Here is the deal about this amazing burger. Truckee California’s Jacks on the Tracks serves high class diner food in a semi-retro “Mel’s Place” atmosphere. We stopped in today principally because we had word that that Food Network Guy had dropped by in January and liked what he had (fish sandwich and the mac and cheese). The Burger Blog is a more focused forum however. We are only interested in the quality of the American cuisine constant; the cheese burger. There are ten factors considered when evaluating the overall quality of the American cheese burger. Each category gets a score from 1-10 making the (so far never awarded) perfect score 100 points. The “Scrumptious Factor” describes the overall visceral yumieness of the burger. This term can not be further defined. The “Sleaze Factor” is a composite factor that describes the bun grease, oil and cheese drippiness of the burger. The Sleaze Factor is and eleventh category and will always be reported separate from the overall score as tastes vary with regard to how much sleaze is actually a good thing in a cheese burger.


Scrumptious             9.4

Meatiness                 9.9

Meat Factor             9.7

Lettuce Factor         9.7

Tomato Factor         9.7

Pickle Factor            9.7

Onion Factor            9.5

Cheese Factor          9.6

Bun Factor               9.9

Temperature           9.8

Total                       96.9*

Sleaze Factor: 0

* this weeks burger blog was created without the input of bella

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Hello world!

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